“Every single day that I get into my cab, I’m scared.”

Cllr Sarah Lishman (Lab), a local councillor for Chichester East on both the City and District Council has spoken about working on the frontline as a key worker and appeals to the public to heed government advice during the coronavirus crisis.

“In these times, wherever possible, we all need to stay home and save lives. We need to protect all of our key workers, and give special thanks to every single person working for the NHS right now – from porters to surgeons, you’re all amazing.

There are understandably essential journeys being made on public transport to buy weekly shopping for yourselves and more vulnerable people who are staying home, or to collect vital medication.”

I say this not just as a District and City Councillor for Chichester East. But I’m also a bus driver. And I’m completely terrified. Every single day that I get into my cab, I’m scared. We have our security screens up, with the air holes sealed over. We’re asking people to not pay cash. We have been supplied hand sanitiser. It’s claustrophobic, and some passengers are struggling with these changes.”

I’m working to take those amazing people that are keeping our country going to their jobs. I can only say, please, please, stay away from public transport if you don’t need to make an essential journey. You’re not only risking your own life, but the life of the driver, and every other passenger on that bus. Transport workers are dying. We have already held a minute silence for the 15 transport workers who had died two weeks ago. Now even more have given their lives to keep the country moving.”

Right now, I’m not just a Councillor. I’m a human being who drives buses for a living. There are no petty politics right now.”

Save lives. Stay home. Protect the NHS, and all our key workers.”

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