Stonepillow’s Little Big Sleep Out

So, the Little Big Sleep Out for Stonepillow has begun, and as I write this post, my fundraising total stands at an amazing £224, so huge thanks first and foremost to all those who have so kindly donated so far.

I also have to thank those who have made it happen, be it via finding me a lovely warm, quiet and safe double decker bus to borrow for the evening at my workplace, or kindly giving me a sleeping bag and groundmat to be more comfortable when I sleep.

Sadly, these are not luxuries that everyone who needs Stonepillow’s vital services often have, and I am reminded that when I’m undoubtedly grumbling in the cold light of tomorrow morning about my stiff muscles and lack of sleep, that this is too many people’s reality, night after night. This is why the work Stonepillow do for the homeless and vulnerable in the Chichester area is so crucial, and why, now more than ever, funds are so badly in need. As the homeless begin to return to the streets after being temporarily housed in our empty hotels, their need for support is greater than ever.

If you can donate to anyone taking part in this event tonight, you will be helping some of those people, who are in the most need in this difficult times.


  1. I wanted to donate to Sarah’s fund but Just Giving would not accept my gmail e-mail address I(or my daughter’s ) as valid so i had to give up.Sorry


    1. I’m not sure why that happened, but thank you SO much for trying! I really appreciate the support from all of those who have donated. Sarah


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